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Policies and FAQ

Thank you for considering Delilah Fox Photography for your photography needs:)

Booking and Cancellation:

I require $50(non refundable) retainer fee when you book your session(goes toward your session). I understand that emergencies happen, someone gets sick, or the weather does not participate and we can always reschedule. However, I had too many people cancel at the last minute(not to book again) or not show up all. This is not fair to me or my other clients that would have taken the spot. If you need to reschedule please contact me ASAP so I can open up that spot for someone else:) I am limited my sessions in 2014.


I put my logo on the images for advertising purposes only. Your copies do not have it on it. I ask that you please give me credit for my work. Do not crop out my logo on facebook or if you upload the image to please put photo by Delilah Fox photography(thank you for helping me grow my business).

Download vs. CD:

I have discontinued cds but do offer them for a usb for $25. You still get your images that you may download and make your own cds or save to a thumb drive. It is hard for me to get to the post office every other day with¬†6 children that I homeschool:) Your images will be up for 2 weeks. I will message you and let you know that they are about to be taken down. As soon as they are put up please download them. You may give the link to all of your family for them to download as well(there is no limit). You will have to “purchase” them but they are $0.00. After the 2 weeks there will be $25 fee to put the link up for another week. . You are responsible for your downloads and/or cds!!

What to wear:

I highly recommend Bright colors(turquoise, pinks, yellows). If at all possible stay away from solid white. It will wash you out!! Try to get everyone to coordinate, they do not necessary have to match but you want everyone to “go” together.

When should I schedule my session?

The absolute best time for outdoor pictures is an hour before sunset. We can do them anytime but if you schedule a session in the middle of the day 11-3 it is going to be extremely bright.


The weather does not always participate. We will watch the the weather and if it is too bad we can reschedule. Overcast is OK:)

Turnaround Time:

It will take me approximately 2-3 weeks to finish your images. 1 week to get you your prints once you place your order. Please keep in mind that I do have 6 children that are my priority. Sometimes you will get your pictures sooner depending on how busy I am. but in the peak season from September-December it could be 3-4 weeks, so keep this in mind when scheduling your sessions.